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Statement from Michael Lee

Statement from Michael Lee

Statement addressing media stories around religious freedom and discrimination

To members of the MacKillop community,

In response to a telephone call from a Canberra Times journalist this morning (10 October), I answered several questions around religious freedom and discrimination. I am aware that my remarks to the journalist were in the broader political debate that is taking place in light of the leaked documents about religious freedom. I have no interest in participating in a broader political debate.

I made the point that St Mary MacKillop College feels no need to discriminate against anybody who wishes to positively contribute to the progress of our Catholic school. I made the point that we do not enquire about or discriminate at the point of enrolment or employment on the basis of sexuality, race or disability. If you wish to contribute to our school, and we have room for you, we will enrol under the Archdiocesan guidelines and employ the best teacher available for the particular requirements of the position.

It is a source of some pride and comfort to me, and I’m sure to the MacKillop community, that so many people recognise our school as authentically Catholic, respectful of difference, and welcoming of all who wish to positively contribute to St Mary MacKillop as a Catholic school.

This is a reputation that together we must continue to work to preserve.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lee
College Principal