Science and STAR Weeks

Science and STAR Weeks

Week 5 was Science Week, which was a great celebration of all things Science!

Our Science Week activities included: The Satellite Selfie, Kahoots at each campus, viewing of documentaries, the Deep Diver STEMCchallenge, The Taskmaster Scavenger Hunt, a sherbet making activity, the Daily PC Challenge, Paper Plane Challenge, Parachute Challenge, Chemistry Clock Challenge, and ‘Guess the Scientist’ competition. Congratulations to the participants and winners of these events!

A big thank you needs to go out to the Science staff who worked so hard on the events, the Maintenance team and students who helped make the Satellite Selfie banners, to the students who came along and participated in the recess and lunchtime activities, and to all the PCs and teachers who had a go at the Daily Science Challenge and Scavenger Hunts.

Following Science Week was Science Technician Appreciation & Recognition Week (STAR Week) in Week 6. The Science Faculty would like to acknowledge the amazing work that Mrs Yuka O’Connor does for the St Peter’s Campus and Mrs Janis McGettrick does for the Padua Campus. They are both so helpful, so thoughtful, so proactive and so skilful. We wouldn’t be able to achieve half of what we do without their incredible input. Thank you!