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Year 12 Results 2018

Year 12 Results 2018

Congratulations to the Graduating Class who achieved well beyond their own expectations in 2018, with many students gaining a broad range of options for higher education and workplace training beyond Year 12.

The College Principal, Mr Michael Lee, was proud of the Class of 2018 for their hard work, respectful relationships with teachers, their contribution to academic competition, and their refusal to accept less than their best.

“Each of those students has now left school in the certain knowledge that when every effort is made, when perseverance has been employed, when their best has been regularly given, achievement beyond statistical and personal expectation is found,” he said.

“I would like to congratulate every Year 12 student and their teachers for the many positive outcomes they achieved.”

Some of the achievements of the Graduating Class included:

  • College Dux: James Crispin (ATAR 99.90) achieved the highest ATAR in Catholic education in the ACT (shared). This is the second highest possible rank in Australia. We wish James every success in Medicine at the university of his choice.
  • Lauren Crispin (ATAR 99.70) got the 2nd highest ATAR for MacKillop in 2018 and one of the highest in the city. Lauren will be pursuing Veterinary Studies at the university of her choice.
  • 8% of the tertiary cohort achieved an ATAR of 95+.
  • 15% of the tertiary cohort achieved an ATAR of 90+.
  • 37% of the tertiary cohort achieved an ATAR above 80.
  • The College median of 75.35 was up four points on 2017.
  • 99% of students achieved an ATAR above their predicted five-mark range.
  • Again, MacKillop students achieved a huge number of VET certificates, off a smaller cohort than usual.
  • Sophie Highmore was successful in gaining a place at NIDA. This is a splendid invitation rarely offered to students straight out of school.

While some students managed to achieve some of the highest ATARs in the country, the College also had some students achieve ATARs in the 60s who now have the option of tertiary study open to them. This is what we would expect and want for a Catholic school for all!

MacKillop thanks and congratulates the Class of 2018: we are proud of what you have achieved and we look forward to seeing your continued success in the future!