2017 News

Year 12 reinvigorated by three-day Retreat

Year 12 reinvigorated by three-day Retreat

Students have returned from Year 12 Retreat with a renewed enthusiasm ahead of their final semester at St Mary MacKillop College.

The three-day retreat took place this week at the Collaroy Centre along Sydney’s northern beaches, providing students with a getaway to reflect on their time at MacKillop and to prepare for life after school. It also provided students with a warm and relaxing location to reinvigorate them for what could be their most important semester at MacKillop.

The biggest benefit, however, was the way the year group came together through a series of teambuilding activities. One activity required students to go around a circle and explain what they admired in each member of their pastoral class. Another activity gave students the opportunity to write messages to other members of the cohort. Each of these things brought an added unity to the Class of 2017.

The Year 12 Retreat also involved a Mass, presentations from Mr Lee and Ms Darley, a relaxing few hours on the beach, a range of games, and a disco.

Throughout the entirety of the retreat, the students of Year 12 participated with enthusiasm, cooperation, and dignity – setting all students up to end 2017 and their final year at MacKillop on a high.

The College thanks and congratulates Mrs Kate Durham, the Year 12 Coordinator, for the organisation and running of the retreat, as well as her Year 12 Pastoral team.

Year 12 now turns its attention to the ACT Scaling Test, which takes place in September. Good luck for the rest of 2017, Year 12!