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Meup Meup claims Athletics Double

Meup Meup claims Athletics Double

A dramatic, come-from-behind victory saw Meup Meup claim both the Spirit Cup and Championship Trophy at last week’s Athletics Carnival at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Despite leading the Spirit Cup points tally from the very start of the day, the Championship Trophy looked destined to go to Ngadyung or Gurabang until a late effort in the 4x100m relays saw Meup Meup clinch victory.

Meup Meup’s ‘double’ meant that they have now won five of the last six Athletics Carnival trophies on offer and have taken over from Ngadyung as the “House to beat” in track and field.

The warm weather ensured maximum participation as students competed in the track and field events, took part in the tug o’ war, or cheered on their peers. The huge number of competitors, unrelenting spirit in the stands, sense of co-operation, and displays of athleticism were real features of the day.

Students dressed in the House themes of Gangsters (Gurabang), Pirates (Meup Meup), Pyjamas (Mindygari), and Geeks (Ngadyung). The high level of enthusiasm meant that any of the four Houses could have taken out the Spirit Cup on the day, but Meup Meup’s ‘fiery’ spirit made them deserved winners in the end.

Congratulations and thank you to Miss Jen Fahey and her team of staff and students who helped to put on such a memorable event. Congratulations to all students for the high level of participation, spirit, teamwork, and athletic prowess.

It was certainly a carnival to remember!