Class of 2021 goes on Year 12 Retreat

Class of 2021 goes on Year 12 Retreat

The Class of 2021 kicked off their final semester at MacKillop with the Year 12 Retreat, which was held at Canberra Park from 21 to 23 July.

The students of Year 12 would normally have escaped to Sydney’s northern beaches for Retreat, but the COVID-19 situation in NSW meant that a local venue had to be used. Fortunately for MacKillop, Canberra Park had been impacted by interstate cancellations and was able to accommodate the Class of 2021 on short notice.

The students quickly moved past any disappointment they may have felt and engaged enthusiastically in a range of activities where they reflected on their time at MacKillop and the values they will hold in life after school.

The highlight of the retreat was once again the series of affirmation activities that helped the students of the cohort to build on their friendships and connections. One activity required students to go around a circle and explain what they admired in each member of their pastoral class. Another gave students the opportunity to write messages to other members of the cohort. Although these things produced a few tears, they brought an added unity to the Graduating Class as the students connected on a deeper level than ever before.

The Year 12 Retreat also involved a Mass, a hike to the summit of Mt Ainslie, games, singing and dancing, video reflections, and presentations from Mr Lee, Mr O'Callaghan, and Mr Johnson.

Throughout the entirety of the retreat, the students of Year 12 participated with enthusiasm, cooperation, and dignity – setting all students up to end 2021 and their final year at MacKillop on a high.

The College congratulates Year 12 for their enthusiasm and spirit as well as Mr Peter Johnson and the Year 12 Pastoral team for planning and facilitating the event.