Back to school for 2021!

Back to school for 2021!

MacKillop had an extremely positive start to the 2021 school year, with Year 7 students and those in Years 10, 11 and 12 commencing on Monday 1 February.

There was an amazing energy on the first day, with students enthusiastic to see their teachers, reconnect with friends, meet new people, and try new classes.

The College welcomed around 400 new students to the school, the majority of whom were Year 7 students. With Years 8 and 9 not commencing until the Tuesday, Year 7 students were able to have the Padua Campus to themselves, which helped with their transition to high school. Members of the Student Representative Council were around to help students with directions and to answer any questions.

The following day, Years 8 and 9 commenced, bringing with them the same energy and enthusiasm to start the school year.

The College congratulates all students for the way they have started the year and wishes them the best of luck for 2021!