2017 News

Artist in Residence 2018


Students at St Mary MacKillop College have been spray painting graffiti all over their school walls. But it’s not what you’re thinking – it’s actually part of the College’s Artist in Residence program, which provides its aspiring artists with workshops and training from professionals.

This year, MacKillop has gained the assistance of James Small (known as ‘Smalls’), a local graffiti and street artist who has had lots of experience sharing his passion for art with young people at youth and art centres around Canberra. Unsurprisingly, the workshops run by Smalls have had high levels of interest and participation, and students have already worked on mural projects in the community and have started turning some of the walls at MacKillop into works of art.

Smalls is currently working on the junior campus once per week and will commence at the senior campus later in the year.

Check out the video above to hear from Smalls as he discusses his art, the Artist in Residence program, and the advice he gives to aspiring artists.