Performing Arts

Performing Arts

About Performing Arts

The Performing Arts faculty provides teaching in the areas of drama, dance, and music, as well as a senior course in Production for Live Theatre. A wide range of courses is available in each of those subject areas.

Drama is a form of artistic expression through which people construct, explore and convey meaning. It has the potential to bring together all other art forms. By blending intellectual and emotional experience, Drama offers a unique means of enquiry that contributes to knowing and understanding the world. When creating drama, students actively explore ideas through developing an understanding of the elements of drama and dramatic conventions. When presenting drama, students use expressive communication processes to convey meaning effectively to an audience. Through evaluating students use a range of processes to communicate their interpretation, critical analysis and evaluation of drama.

Dance is an art form using the body as an instrument of communication and creativity.  It has its own specific language, processes and techniques that are explored through quality dance creation and performance demanding intellectual and physical rigour.  Creative and problem-solving abilities are fostered through research, synthesis and communication of ideas, images and feelings of dance in its historical and contemporary context.  Dance offers opportunities for students to derive a sense of well-being, self-esteem and the necessary social skills to work effectively, individually and collaboratively.  Through dance students have the opportunity to develop a range of life skills that will enhance their careers and personal growth.

Music is also a form of artistic expression through which people construct, explore and convey meaning. Students are able to work on the use of a wide range of instruments (with the ability to specialise). Courses in music include Vocal Workshop, Holistic Music, and Music Industry.