Maths at MacKillop

From 2015, students studying Mathematics will undertake the Australian Curriculum course. This means that there are is no Advanced level course up to Year 9. In Year 10, we split into an Advanced level and a mainstream course. At this stage we do still run a simplified course for lower ability students and grade then separately. We have also introduced a Mathematics elective in Year 8 to provide extension for the more interested students.

On the Senior campus, students are able to study Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Mathematical Applications, Essential Mathematics, and General Mathematics.


Students in Years 7 to 10 have 24-hour access to HotMaths ( which is an interactive online Mathematics program focused on supporting the Australian Curriculum. Mathematics teachers are using this program in class through the use of student laptops and also for homework completion. It is therefore important that your son/daughter brings a charged laptop and their exercise book to each Mathematics lesson. While traditional methods of Mathematics teaching are used in our lessons we also incorporate the use of HotMaths to further engage and enhance our students’ understanding of the subject.
The program contains several key features to assist with understanding the content of our Mathematics program and if your son/daughter is absent from school they can use it as an additional resource to help them catch up on any work that has been missed. Teachers are still the first point of contact for our students however if your son/daughter would like access to extension material or content then this can be accessed through HotMaths. I would encourage all students to show their parents/carers this program and if any student has forgotten their username and/or password then please see your Mathematics teacher for assistance.