Food & Textiles

Food & Textiles

About Food Technology and Hospitality

The central focus of Food Technology is the well-being of people in their everyday living.  Students are offered a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop practical skills, therefore developing both knowledge and an appreciation of the importance of food in our lives. In each unit of Food Technology students will be involved in the organisation of food orders, recipes and time management to cater for functions. Practical aspects will cover hygienic food handling, factors affecting menu choice and appropriate presentation of food.

The Hospitality Industry contributes significantly to the Australian economy and employs a large number of people. The study of Senior Hospitality can lead to a variety of career opportunities across a range of industries or form a pathway to further education. A desire to develop inter-personal skills and professional attitudes is integral to studies in this area.

About Textiles and Fashion

Textiles and Fashion encompasses the latest or most admired styles, shapes and forms in clothing and interiors. Students will have opportunities to develop their creative potential through the medium of fabrics and textiles. The design process is an integral part of the course.  This process involves researching the parameters of a topic, designing a suitable solution, making a product and evaluation of the final result.