About English

The study of English empowers students to become articulate communicators who are capable of interpreting their world from different perspectives and of making productive contributions to society.

The English curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy as identified in the Australian Curriculum. The English course aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing and creating. Students will develop the skills of critical analysis and apply them to texts in both an historical and cultural context.

Learning in English in Years 9 and 10 builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier years and teachers will revisit and strengthen these as needed. Students will engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They will have the opportunity to interpret, create, evaluate, discuss, and perform a wide range of literary texts and texts designed to inform and persuade. These include various types of media texts, including newspapers, film and digital texts, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic performances and multi modal texts.

English in the senior years allows students to focus on either English or Literature. Tertiary English is designed primarily to meet the needs of students who are taking a Tertiary package. It is intended for students who wish to develop their written and non-written communication and for those who enjoy the study of literature. Essential (Accredited) English recognises the need to equip students for a variety of pathways to future study, employment and leisure. The units offered are designed to develop skills in written and non-written communication.