About the Careers faculty

The courses within the Careers faculty aim to assist students to recognise the links between education, training, work and lifestyle, and the economic and social factors that affect work opportunities. The Year 10 Work Studies and Year 11 and 12 Work Education courses develop skills to access work-related information, presenting themselves to potential employers, and functioning effectively in the workplace. Both courses assist students to make informed decisions about employment pathways and/or their future study.

The strongly practical orientation of each course is intended to give students useful experiences against which to test their emerging career. It allows for students to develop a range of skills and attitudes in actual workplace contexts. The value of these experiences will be reinforced by the content taught within the classroom, providing both a knowledge base and the opportunity for reflection on work place learning.

Year 11 and 12 Work Education

This course is designed to meet the needs of students who are anticipating seeking employment after Year 12 or undertaking further studies in Vocational Education and Training. The courses comprises of four units:
•    Job Seeking Skills
•    Rights and Responsibilities at Work
•    Work Behaviours
•    Skills Employment Skills

Students participate in work placement each semester, in an industry area of their choice.
This work placement is a valuable way for students to examine various industries and consider if this area is appropriate for them.